Saturday, 17 January 2009

The G-spot... defined

Like Aladdin's magic lamp we all have areas of our minds that respond positively to gentle — or not so gentle — stimulation. We may not even know they're there, but when they're touched — whoa man!

So think about this: What are your emotional G-spots? What are your intellectual G-spots? What are your spiritual G-spots?

Got some ideas? Great! Now forget all about that and let's get back to SEX! (Whoopee!)

Here's a video by Mark Gungor, which I KNOW will make you laugh!

Oh, and if you thought the British middle classes are stuffy, try these for size!
. . . Fascinating Aida and Victoria Wood
(Of course, size doesn't really matter, does it. Or does it?)


John Gray said...

interesting blog

JoJoUK said...

Thanks, glad you like it. As you can see I pinched the visitor flags widget from your own blog :-)